High end intelligent volleyball training equipment
Make exercise easier
80% increase in happiness index and 50% increase in health index
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Product parameters
More than one
It's an all-round training machine
Continuous training makes tactical arrangement more skilled and effective
Product function
1. Fixed point ball
2. Vertical circulation ball
3. Horizontal circulation ball
4. Random ball
5. Programmable ball
6. Spin Ball
7. Cross loop ball
Product parameters
Power type: AC110V / 220VDC 12V
Power: 150W
Product specification: 57 * 41 * 82cm
Net weight: 28.5kg
Loading capacity: 150 pellets
Ball out frequency: 1.8-9 seconds / ball
Scope of application: schools, tennis courts, clubs, training institutions, private clubs, private gardens, sports towns, etc
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Multicolor options
Experiments show that: the intelligent tennis server can stimulate the maximum ability of athletes, and the training effect of athletes is 30 times of the traditional training methods.
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