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Visual Algorithm Engineer (15k-25k, negotiable for outstanding people)
Job description:
Job type: Visual Algorithm Engineer
Release time: 2020-08-18
Effective date: 2020-10-27
Basic requirements: No age limit, no sex limit
Location: Humen
Education: Bachelor degree or above
Job content:
1. Participate in the research of project requirements, conduct demand analysis, and prepare demand specifications;
2. Responsible for the formulation, planning and implementation of visual programs;
3. Responsible for visual algorithm research, data analysis algorithm design, compilation and debugging;
4. Cooperate with embedded software engineers and other software engineers to make system integration.

Recruitment requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer software, computer application, software engineering, automation, mathematics, etc;
2. Have good C + + / C , python language foundation and object-oriented programming ability, more than 3 years of algorithm development experience;
3. Be proficient in image processing principle and visual algorithm, and have solid theoretical foundation of data structure and artificial intelligence algorithm;
4. Familiar with Halcon, opencv, openni, visionpro software applications, proficient in tensorflow or Caffe algorithm and deep learning framework, and have practical project experience;
5. Have independent thinking ability, meticulous logic, and have successful experience in developing multiple projects or products;
6. Strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and careful work, and strong ability to work under pressure;
7. Good language communication and coordination skills and experience in project team management;
8. Good English reading ability.

Those who are interested in the job can send their resume to or call directly: 0769-82262772. Our company is looking forward to your joining and creating brilliant future. 

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