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General Worker(4000-5000)
Job description:
Job type: general worker
Release time: 2020-08-18
Effective date: 2020-10-27
Basic requirements: No age limit, no sex limit
Location: Humen
Education: unlimited

Recruitment requirements:
Male, aged 24-40 years old, hardworking, accepting overtime, responsible for equipment assembly and packing. Take a day off every six working days, including board and lodging.
Company treatment & welfare:
1. Accommodation is provided by the company. Each dormitory has its own bathroom and shower room and is equipped with air conditioning.
2. The company provides meals free of charge and regularly  has extra meal every Saturday.
3. Monthly attendance award, excellent employee award, performance award and year-end bonus set by the company.
4. The company regularly organizes rich cultural and recreational activities (basketball, badminton, table tennis, football, volleyball, etc.).
5. The company purchases social security for the new employees. According to personal wishes, the company can purchase public accumulation fund.
Company telephone: 0769-85565411 Human resources department: Miss Li
Company address: No.16, Fuma Road 1, Chigang community, Humen Town, Dongguan City
Those who are interested in the job can send their resume to or call directly: 0769-82262772. Our company is looking forward to your joining and creating brilliant future. 

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