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Electronic Software Engineer (10k-20k, excellent for interview)
Job description:
Job type: Electronic software engineer
Release time: 2020-08-18
Effective date: 2020-10-27
Basic requirements: No age limit, no sex limit
Location: Humen
Education: Junior college or above
Recruitment requirements:
1. College degree or above in computer or electronic engineering, more than 3 years of embedded system software development experience.
2. Familiar with C / C + + programming, arm / STM32 MCU, UCOS, Linux and other embedded system programming, operating system principle, hardware understanding.
3. Familiar with can, RS485, RS232, I2C / SPI, ZigBee wireless network and other common interface software programming, can read English technical information.
4. Familiar with DC motor, stepper motor drive and software control algorithm;
5. Familiar with related development tools such as IAR, SVN and MDK. Familiar with related hardware and software debugging tools such as oscilloscope, multimeter, serial port, network port debugging software.
6. Those who have experience in product development related to smart home are preferred, and those who have the ability to develop master computer are preferred.
7. Strong communication skills, have the ability to quickly accept new things.
Those who are interested in the job can send their resume to or call directly: 0769-82262772. Our company is looking forward to your joining and creating brilliant future. 

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