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Sigh! @ all One picture | Understand the leading position of China's intelligent training equipment?
Writer:SIBOASI Reading volume: time:2020.10.29

Recently, Wolf Warriors 2, a domestic film with Chinese special forces as its theme, has been popular in major theaters. While carrying forward patriotic feelings, it reflects various domestic intelligent technology weapons, which is moving and not abrupt 


Have you ever thought about the situation that intelligent technology changes sports and health? After all, "genius" is only one step away from "madman" ... 


In China, there is such a brand; 

She is dedicated to transmitting health and happiness to everyone, 

and create more value for human health! 

She has always believed that on the basis of intelligent technology, 

"You can be better." 

She is, 


China's leading brand of intelligent equipment-Siboasi 


As for Siboasi, it is famous in Chinese sports industry. It has been quietly developed for eleven years from a "small workshop" with five people to a leading brand of intelligent training equipment in China. In 2017, with the development of China's sports industry, Siboasi began to comprehensively adjust its development strategy, integrate its internal products, cooperate and exchange with foreign countries, and actively expand its market and brand. 

China's leading brand of intelligent training equipment, Siboasi, aims to bring health and happiness to mankind! 


With the prevalence of sports towns and characteristic towns, Siboasi adjusted its product structure in time in 2017. In addition to maintaining the original products and developing more entertaining and interesting training products, we also devote ourselves to creating a high-end sports event-intelligent sports park (intelligent training system+equipment overall solution). In the innovative way of software and hardware, different sports experiences are combined according to the user's needs, and a set of overall solutions based on indoor and outdoor sports and intelligent needs are changed from single sports equipment to users. At present, some projects are being negotiated and implemented. Siboasi has formed three major products: intelligent training equipment, intelligent training system and intelligent sports park (intelligent training system+equipment overall solution), which has built a perfect intelligent sports product ecology and enhanced market competitiveness. 


Up to now, Siboasi has reached cooperation with authoritative sports institutions and brand sports enterprises in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and more than 20 powerful sports distribution agents in China, sharing resources and seeking mutual development. With the deepening of cooperation, Siboasi will plan from a higher angle, lead the development of the industry and establish the leading position of the company in the field of "intelligent training equipment". At the same time, the domestic and international market rise plan is promoted. Siboasi will also launch "China's leading brand of intelligent training equipment" in the global sports industry, and let the world witness the power of "China's intellectual creation". 


I have equipment, what about you! Any story?




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