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Siboaz and Zhongyu Sports reach strategic cooperation to boost the development of badminton industry
Writer:SIBOASI Reading volume: time:2020.10.29
Good news again! A few days ago, Siboasi and Zhongyu Sports signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Dalian, formally reaching a strategic partnership to help the development of Chinese badminton industry. 

Badminton has a sports population of 250 million, which is the sports with the largest number of participants besides running. The two sides will cooperate closely in badminton intelligent equipment and badminton sports, and will take advantage of professional advantages to carry out multi-perspective and three-dimensional industrial cooperation. The two sides have coordinated development, laid out the national market and jointly promoted the development of badminton and industry in China. 

With the "Zhongyu Star" China Urban Badminton League as the core, Zhongyu Sports focuses on creating the most public welfare, continuous and cross-city interactive badminton events in China. It is reported that this year, Zhongyu Sports has 450 badminton events in various forms, bringing together badminton enthusiasts from 16 cities in three northeastern provinces, and will also challenge the Guinness World Record for the "world's largest amateur badminton championship" in the "Zhongyu Star" finals. 

As the largest professional ball training equipment manufacturer in the world, Siboasi has rich experience in badminton intelligent equipment production and complete product lines, and it will provide intelligent equipment support for some high-quality competitions of Zhongyu Sports. 

Innovative ideas for development, increase efforts to seek breakthroughs. 2017 is a year of rapid development for Spouse. The company pays attention to strengthening internal and external capacity training, improving product quality internally, developing new products and integrating product chains; Good results have been achieved in expanding the promotion channels, seeking cooperation and developing the market. At present, the reputation and brand awareness of Siboasi's products have been greatly improved, and it has won the favor of many sports professional institutions and enterprises. A number of cooperation projects are under negotiation and implementing. 


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