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Member of the Strategic Development Committee of the Chinese Football Association and President of Evergrande Football School Liu Author: Shiba Aspen Reading volume: 146 Time: 2020.12.08
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.21
Yesterday (June 20), a member of the Strategic Development Committee of the Chinese Football Association, President Liu Jiangnan of Evergrande Football School, and a group of 10 people, including the Director and Director of Scientific Research Department, Brand Department, Secretariat, International Affairs Teaching Department, visited Siboaz. President Liu and his team highly praised the company's football 4.0 smart training system and other projects and products, and at the same time offered suggestions for the company's long-term development.
At eleven o’clock in the morning, President Liu and his team arrived in Siboaz and were warmly welcomed by all of the company. Then accompanied by the general manager and management of Wan Houquan, they visited the company’s production workshop, football 4.0 intelligent training system, Smart sports park and tennis court. In the production workshop, Principal Liu and his team have a brief understanding of the production and market conditions of tennis smart training equipment, football smart training equipment, racket stringing machines and other products; at the venue of the football 4.0 smart training system, Assistant Hu Yijun and Director Ferrando have a try Experience its powerful functions with skill; in the Smart Sports Park, Principal Liu and his team listened to explanations, watched demonstrations, and experienced hands-on experience to fully understand the products and plans of the Smart Park. Among them, Principal Liu also experienced the basketball smart training system in person!

At the symposium, Principal Liu and his team watched Spoaz’s promotional video and football 4. Intelligent Training System video to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s development. Assistant Hu Yijun and Director Ferlando spoke highly of the Football 4.0 project and hope it can be applied to football school teaching as soon as possible. President Liu hopes that the two teams can communicate and collaborate closely. At the same time, he suggested that the company should combine industry development hotspots, dig deep into resources, and integrate smart sports parks, football 4.0 projects with sports towns, football towns, healthy towns and other characteristic towns. Fusion.

This visit will strengthen the communication and exchanges between the two parties, and enhance mutual affection and friendship. We have reason to believe that this will be a good start!
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