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Siboasi solemnly held the 10th anniversary celebration and new product ordering meeting
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.21

Siboasi solemnly held the 10th anniversary celebration and new product ordering meeting


On October 18th, Spoaz Company was renewed with lights inside and outside, and grandly held the 10th anniversary celebration and new product ordering meeting.


From Professor Huang Hai, Director of Evaluation and Scientific Research Office of Evergrande Football School, Li Jie, Technical Specialist for Competition and Training, Chairman Fan Dexin of Shenzhen True Blueprint Industrial Development Company, Ms. Liu Zhou, Sales Director of Guangzhou Double Fish Group Company, General Manager of Shenzhen Pengda Sports Hongjian and his team , General Manager Wang Qiming of Yuhe Sports, Mr. Yang Qianwu, Ms. Yang Dongmei, Manager of Dalian Shenhuihai Culture and Sports Industry Co., Ltd., and Guidance of Liu Nanxue and other guests attended the meeting. More than 200 people from Denmark, Spain, South Korea, India, Turkey, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other domestic and foreign merchants and company family members witnessed this joyous moment. .


The autumn was high and fresh, and the drizzle still couldn't stop the enthusiasm of the guests and the Spoaz family to participate in the celebration. Mr. PARK, Mr. Kim and Mr. Ly Friend of South Korea, Mr. Johnny of Denmark, Mr. Oguzhan of Turkey, Mr. Sergio of Spain and the general agent of Spoaz Taiwan, Mr. Wei Jiagu and Spo of Taiwan Youth Culture Enterprise Mr. Chen Tieliang, the general agent of Aspen Beijing and general manager of Beijing Sboaz Sports Development Co., Ltd., and other domestic and foreign partners, arrived at the venue under the autumn rain. The Siboasi family warmly greeted the guests and merchants, led them to sign and took a group photo with the company's general manager, Mr. Wan Houquan.


At 9:30 in the morning, the celebration kicked off in a grand and warm atmosphere. Mr. Wan Houquan, General Manager of Spoaz Company, delivered a speech entitled "Thanksgiving". He said that gratitude is conscience and motivation; the company's development today cannot be separated from the concerted efforts of everyone and introduced the company's future development direction.


Domestic and foreign guest customer representatives, Mr. Johnny from Denmark and Mr. Chen Tieliang from Beijing, respectively took the stage to give speeches, sharing the stories and feelings of the cooperation, and at the same time sending sincere blessings to the 10th anniversary of Spoaz.


In the new product release session, Ms. Wang Xuejuan, Technical Manager of Siboasi Company, used PPT, video and combined with live demonstrations to fully display the badminton 4.0 intelligent training system, tennis 4.0 intelligent training system, tennis training net, and tennis intelligent training machine to the guests. Eight new products, including basketball smart training machine, football training net, football remote control smart training machine, and football 4.0 smart training system. Everyone praised the powerful functions of the new product and consulted on the machine’s manufacturing, functions, core technology and other details. The atmosphere is very warm.


In the field of the football 4.0 intelligent training system, everyone watched professional football personnel experience the powerful functions of intelligent training such as receiving, controlling, passing, shooting, goalkeeping, quick response, and moving speed. Professor Huang Hai of Evergrande Football School, Li Jie technical commissioner and other guests and merchants, accompanied by Mr. Wan, experienced the charm of the football 4.0 intelligent training system, a comprehensive, technological, and intelligent football training artifact. High praise.


General Manager Zeng Shaoqun, the representative of the partner unit, shared his speech and congratulated the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Siboaz.


Hu Ping, the family representative of Spoaz Company, took the stage to speak, sharing his growth experience in the company and presenting gifts.


Mr. Wan Houquan, General Manager of Spoaz Company, together with Professor Huang Hai of Evergrande Football School, Mr. Johnny of Denmark, Mr. Park of South Korea, Manager Hou Dewen and Manager Zhao Lili started the crystal ball, opened the celebration ceremony, and took a group photo to leave this memorable and festive The moment.


Accompanied by the company's leaders, the guests and businessmen visited the production workshops and exhibition halls of the tennis intelligent training machine, the football intelligent remote control training machine, the badminton intelligent training machine, and the computer racket stringing machine. At the same time of the visit, everyone consulted about the new products on the spot, and Spoaz’s technicians gave enthusiastic and patient explanations.


In the exhibition hall, guests and merchants took pictures with the machine products to experience the high-tech content and quality of the machine on the spot.


At the new product order meeting, the company's sales director Susan delivered a speech.


Company manager Wan Ting awarded medals and gold bars to 10 newly signed domestic and foreign agents. South Korean partners Mr. PAR and Mr. Kim, Danish partners Mr. Johnny, and Turkish partners Mr. Oguzhan were on stage.


The general agent in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Kuntai Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Badong Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd., general agent in Guangzhou, Baxi Sporting Goods, a Shanghai partner of Siboasi, and Badminton Sports guests are on stage.


Guest customers of Beijing Siboasi Sports Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hesheng Trading Co., Ltd., Gaia Sports Goods in Dongguan City, and Xunbo Sports Goods, its partner in Chengdu, took the stage .


The atmosphere at the ordering session was extremely hot. The guests and guests took turns on stage. First, they signed a market protection commitment letter to ensure compliance with the agreement, and reached a unified price and other market mechanisms with Spoaz, then signed a contract, took a group photo, and the signing ceremony was set off. The climax is constant.


In addition, during the intermission of the order fair, a lottery was added, which added a lot to the order fair.


There is also good news at the new product ordering meeting. Jinque badminton has become the recommended ball for Spoaz's badminton training machine. Ms. Liu Zhou, Sales Director of Guangzhou Double Fish Group Corporation, reached a cooperation agreement with Mr. Wan Houquan, General Manager of Siboaz, on behalf of the group. It is reported that Jinque badminton sports equipment is a brand of Guangzhou Double Fish Group and a well-known badminton sports brand in China. It has successively been awarded the honorary titles of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City. As a rising star in the sporting goods industry, Siboaz has a certain share in the domestic and foreign markets and is well-known in the industry. The two companies reached a cooperation to achieve mutual market expansion and win-win cooperation.



The company has prepared a splendid celebration party. The performances include singing and dancing full of rhythm and rhythm.



There will be a magical magic show at the celebration party



The celebration party also performed Tai Chi with strong oriental culture.



The company commended 19 outstanding family members, 3 family members with the Ten-Year Witness Award, 2 family members with the Innovation and Invention Award, and 6 outstanding family cadres, and awarded trophies and bonuses.



After the party, the company's family members took a group photo together on the stage and successfully concluded the 10th anniversary celebration with cheers.

Thank you for your support to Spoaz all the time, thank you for ten years, and thank you!

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