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SS won the "Excellent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award"
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.21

A few days ago, the 2016 China Sports and Leisure Conference-"Creating Youth" 2016 China Sports Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ended successfully in Ninghai, Zhejiang. Siboasi Sporting Goods Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the finals of the competition with the football 4.0 intelligent training system and won the "Excellent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award".

The "Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship" competition has attracted wide attention from both inside and outside the industry. Outstanding achievements in hot areas such as running, fitness, football, volleyball, basketball, fighting, smart sports fields, Tai Chi, and technology videos have been fully demonstrated. Spoaz’s football 4.0 intelligent training system is one of the hot topics. In the final held on November 30th, Mr. Wan Houquan, General Manager of Spoaz, gave a speech and shared the football 4.0 intelligent training system, which won unanimous praise from the experts present.

 The football 4.0 intelligent training system is a set of football training system with comprehensive technology and intelligent technology that people desperately desire; it is a football with cutting-edge technology based on the central controller, intelligent perception, intelligent recognition, intelligent calculation, and intelligent training. Training revolution.

 It is understood that as an intelligent product, its function is very powerful. In addition to self-programming, setting different speeds, frequencies, angles, rotations and other serving modes, it can also train players to standardize movements and psychological predictions. Confident ball handling, passing, catching, quick reaction, moving speed, hit rate, strengthening physical fitness and endurance training, all-round accurate calculation of the player's sports status, real-time adjustment of training methods. What's more worth mentioning is that during the training process, the players touch the ball in a day is equivalent to the traditional 30 days.

As we all know, China's football has many problems such as weak foundation, shortage of talents, and insufficient facilities. The football 4.0 intelligent training system has changed the traditional training mode, cultivated youth's interest in football, improved their football skills, and attracted more people to participate in football. China has promoted the scale, popularization and normalization of football, which has fundamentally solved the painful needs of Chinese football.

According to Mr. Wan, the football 4.0 intelligent training system has filled the gap in the domestic market and is currently negotiating cooperation with large clubs such as Evergrande Football School. The next step is to deepen the strategy of going global, promote the football 4.0 intelligent training system, let the project blossom across the country, benefit more teenagers and the general public, and contribute to China's dream of being a football power.

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