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High-profile appearance in the finals of "Nakaba Star"
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.21

 On December 24th, the finals of the "Zhongyu Star" China City Badminton League were played at the Shenyang National Fitness Center. Spoaz brought the badminton 4025 ball machine to a high-profile appearance on the scene and received rave reviews. 

The "Zhongyu Star" badminton game is dedicated to non-professionals who love badminton and is a feast for Chinese badminton fans. As a professional manufacturer of ball training equipment, Siboaz is naturally indispensable.

This time, at the invitation of Mr. Jia Fengbo, CEO of Zhongyu Sports, Mr. Wan Houquan, General Manager of Siboaz, brought a badminton 4025 ball machine to the scene. During the show, the fans were very new to the ball machines, and they came forward to inquire about the functions of the machines, and some were also quite interested in a man-machine battle to personally experience the charm of high-tech badminton sports. The high intelligence and powerful functions of the ball machine have won unanimous praise from industry experts and fans on the scene.

It is understood that the badminton 4025 ball machine is a high-end intelligent ball machine independently researched and developed by Siboasi, with full-featured intelligent remote control, intelligent drop point programming, random ball, automatic lifting and many other functions. Among them, intelligent placement programming is the biggest highlight of this machine, which realizes any self-programming of different modes of serve training. What's more worth mentioning is that its self-equipped lifting system can automatically adjust 20-70cm, and the maximum serve height can reach 8 meters. It can not only play beautiful small balls in front of the net, but also high-definition high-distance balls. Really temper your skills.
The "Zhongyu Star" badminton competition is hosted by Zhongyu During the finals, the "Badminton Industry Forum" is also being held at the same time. Many domestic industry "big guys" sit down and seek new ideas for industry development. It is reported that this is the first "close contact" between Spoaz and Zhongyu Sports, and there will be deeper cooperation in the future, so that Spoaz's ball machines can be widely publicized and promoted, benefiting more badminton fans. Cultivate more Chinese badminton "stars".

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