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SIBOASI hits the big time at the 2017 Shanghai Sports Expo
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.26
The 35th China International Sporting Goods Fair is about to start, and all participating companies are preparing carefully, and Spoaz is also among them. At this sports expo, the company is ready to take off and will bring a variety of new and developed products to make a big strike, so that sports enthusiasts will feast their eyes, and at the same time, it will bring you a new sports experience.

The world's most advanced football intelligent training system
The football 4.0 intelligent training system independently developed by Siboaz is currently the world's most advanced football training system. It combines professional training and entertainment with three main functions: training assistance, data statistics, and training monitoring. , Is a comprehensive, technologically intelligent football training system.


This system is the biggest highlight of the company's product display in this sports expo, and it is also a highlight. The company will assemble a new miniature version of the football 4.0 intelligent training system for physical display. At the same time, it has invited a well-known football coach team in China to design training courses to fully demonstrate its powerful functions in a way that trainees’ actual training and football system cooperate; Interspersed with games, let the public experience and understand the system, in order to strengthen China's football foundation, cultivate more football reserve talents, and help my country's dream of Chinese football and sports power.

Unique new smart training equipment

Tennis smart training equipment S6015 has three products: APP version, WeChat version and remote control board.
The smart badminton training equipment S6025 is available in WeChat version and remote control board.
In addition to the football 4.0 intelligent training system, Siboaz will also bring new products such as tennis, badminton, football, basketball and other intelligent training equipment to the exhibition. These unique new products have rich colors, more complete functions and more stable performance. Among them, the research and development of tennis intelligent training equipment and badminton intelligent training equipment can be described as advancing with the times. The APP version and WeChat version have been developed, which has improved the single control method of the previous remote control version and formed a product series with one machine and multiple control methods. The needs and choices of different occasions and sports enthusiasts.  

In terms of "big ball" intelligent training equipment such as football and basketball, the company's products have filled the gap in the domestic market. In the new product launched, the intelligent control system is adopted, which is powerful, has a variety of serving modes, accurate landing point, and fast serving speed, which has won unanimous praise from experts and professional players.

Of course, as a professional ball training equipment manufacturer, the products are definitely more than that! Among the products exhibited by the company, there are also four different types of stringing machines, football, basketball and other products to ensure that there are enough "product feasts" to cater to the audience.

If you are interested in sports? If you want to try fashionable sports? If you want to learn about our products? Let's have a date at booth 5.1B002!

May, we meet in Shanghai, see you!  
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