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SIBOASI shines in Shanghai Sports Expo
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.26
2017 Shanghai Sports Expo ended perfectly
In the three days of the exhibition
SIBOASI spends quality time with friends in sports
And establish friendship with many exhibitors and visitors
Thanks to all friends who support Spoaz
I hope everyone can get a full harvest in 2017

       At this exhibition, SIBOASI dressed up to attend the exhibition, carrying a variety of new products such as the football 4.0 intelligent training system, the four major intelligent training equipment for nets and badminton football basketball, and the racket stringing machine. They shined in Shanghai and received wide attention and praise from the industry.


New product new experience

       The new product demonstration site was crowded with people, attracting many exhibitors and audiences to stop and watch, and take turns to try their skills to experience the novel features and unique charm of the products firsthand, creating a strong atmosphere for the Siboaz booth.

The students of Jiangsu Karuch Football Club are fully demonstrating the functions of the football 4.0 intelligent training system.


Sports enthusiasts experience basketball smart training equipment on site.


           At the carnival, the audience scrambled to compete with the intelligent badminton training equipment for a "man-machine" battle.


       The number of on-site consultations for the racket stringing ball is extremely hot.


Intelligent football training equipment is powerful and attracts attention.


Unite and work together

       In addition to the specially invited Jiangsu Carrucci Football Club, Spoaz had nearly 30 participants, the largest number of exhibitors in the company over the years. During the exhibition, everyone united as one, worked in a division of labor, overcome difficulties, and won the battle of "Sports Expo" and successfully completed the task.

Mr. Wan Houquan, general manager of Spoaz, presented certificates and prizes to the students of Jiangsu Carrucci Football Club, and took a group photo.


The Spoaz team is serious, serious, lively and friendly.


Establish friendship and develop cooperation

       At this sports expo, Siboaz has gained a lot. Not only has it gained recognition and friendship from sports peers, but it has also reached multiple cooperation intentions with many sports companies at home and abroad. In the future, everyone will join hands to seek common development, contribute to the sports industry in China and the world, and bring health and happiness to mankind.

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