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SIBOASI teamed up with the Smail Conference to promote smart sports training in China
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.26

On June 24th, with the help of the "2018 Smaff Conference Annual Global Ten-Site Promotion Conference-Taizhou Station", SIBOASI and Smaff Conference signed a three-year partnership agreement in Taizhou to jointly promote China's smart sports training equipment The development of the industry.

        The SMIF Conference is short for the SMIF Global Sports Industry Conference and International Sports Consumer Exhibition. It has been successfully held for 12 sessions so far. It is known as the "Davos of Sports" and is one of the largest sports industry events in the world. The 13th SMAFF Conference will be held in 2018. The theme is: The entrance to the world. It is expected that more than 100 countries, nearly 30 international groups will participate, hundreds of top global media, domestic governments, enterprises, capital, and sports entrepreneurs. People waiting to gather.

        At the promotion conference, SIBOASI signed an agreement with the Smail Conference and officially became its exclusive partner in the "Intelligent Training Equipment" section. General Manager Wan Houquan shared the vision and prospect of the future cooperation smart training equipment summit between the two parties in the form of PPT. It is reported that Spoaz is the 44th partner of the Smail Conference. In the next three years, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of intelligent training equipment. Spoaz will take advantage of Smail's advantages and combine the company's future development strategy to develop in-depth brand marketing, market development, resource allocation and other aspects, and strive to make the company continue to make breakthroughs in the field of intelligent training equipment and reach new heights.

       At this promotion conference, SIBOASI was full of rewards. In addition to the Smail Conference, he also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Taizhou Sports Bureau. It is understood that 2017 is the year of SIBOASI's strategic adjustment and a year of full-scale outbreak. The company actively expands to the outside world, making frequent appearances at industry events, making friends and seeking cooperation. Up to now, SIBOASI has reached cooperation with Zhongyu Sports, SMAF Conference, Taizhou Sports Bureau, etc., and will plan future development from a higher perspective and will certainly go further. Let us wait and see the splendid bloom of SIBOASI!


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