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Intelligent basketball training equipment helps you achieve "basketball"
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.26
No talent for professional athletes
There is no "outstanding" height
But I also have the dream of riding the stadium
We value superb skills
I also believe that diligence can make up for the weakness
And all this
Need it
-Accompanying basketball smart training equipment
       Basketball is a great sport, full of blood and passion. The so-called no brothers, no basketball, for most boys, basketball often means the best memory of youth and friendship. Basketball is often a dream. In order to practice good skills, we need to pay too much sweat and tears. Today, I will introduce to you an advanced weapon-basketball smart training equipment S6839, which can quickly improve your skills, help your basketball dream, and achieve your "basketball".

       The basketball smart training equipment S6839, developed and produced by SIBOASI, is an emerging product in the basketball market segment and the first domestic basketball training product, filling the gap in the domestic market As the third-generation product of the "Basketball Training Equipment Family", compared with the previous two generations, its design shows humanity, its materials and production processes have been further upgraded, and its functions are more powerful. It is highly recognized and respected by professionals. Bring unparalleled experience and feelings to basketball fans.

        From the appearance point of view, the product is mainly divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part is the retractable basketball storage system, and the lower part is the basketball serving system. The two constitute the basketball shooting training loop from serving to shooting to returning Regardless of their small size, they seem to have a "big appetite". You can eat three basketballs at a time to achieve multi-ball circulation. The amount of training in a day is equal to the amount of touch in the traditional 30 days, which improves training efficiency.

        Multi-point serve is a highlight of this product. It can independently program 17 drop points within a full range of 180°, or serve randomly, exercise shooting skills from all angles, or fixed-point serve for intensive training for shortboards. With it, you are your own basketball coach, quickly break through your own basketball bottleneck and smash the court.


        In addition, it also has many functions such as one machine with multiple functions, multi-speed adjustment, intelligent calculation of hit rate, etc., making your basketball training easy and free; at the same time, it can be equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, which can last up to 5-6 hours per session. To ignite your passion for sports and release your great power.
       Come on, in this summer, we will bring equipment, ignite passion with our brothers, and commemorate the golden youth in the name of basketball.
       Come on, in this summer, we will not be the next "Yao Ming" or the next "Zhou Qi", but only our best self.

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