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Win-win cooperation SIBOASI was invited to participate in the Shenyang promotion of Smail Conference
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.26
On July 22, the annual global ten-stop promotion meeting of the 2018 Smail Conference-Shenyang Station was successfully held in Shenyang Hotel. Spoaz was invited to participate as a partner of the "Intelligent Training Equipment Section" of the conference. Liu Shumin, District Chief of Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, Zhang Wei, Deputy Director of Liaoning Sports Bureau, Zhang Xinjiang, Deputy Director of Shenyang Sports Bureau, Yi Lina, Director of the Standing Committee of Shenyang District Committee of Shenyang City, Han Xianzhi, Director of Liaoning Sports Bureau, Shenyang Director Li Dexin of the Municipal Sports Bureau and representatives of several partners from the SMAF Conference attended the promotion.

       With the theme of sports characteristic towns and sports tourism, the promotion conference aims to connect resources and serve precise customers on a global scale. It discusses the development direction of Shenyang's regional characteristics, sports tourism and the integration of the town, and builds an external display for the sports industry in Shenyang. The platform promotes cross-city cooperation and interaction in the sports industry.

        At the promotion meeting, District Mayor Liu Shumin of Shenbei New District of Shenyang gave a welcome speech, thanking all the leaders and entrepreneurs of the smail conference, and also introduced the development overview, positioning and current achievements of Shenbei New District. Achievement. Yi Lina, member of the Standing Committee of Shenbei New Area and Minister of Publicity, gave a comprehensive interpretation of the development of Shenbei New Area. Spoaz Chairman Wan Houquan, as one of the representatives of the market segment partners of the Smail Conference, gave a speech on the theme of "the integration of characteristic towns and smart training equipment" from the perspective of smart training equipment, and invited participants to the conference Guests participated in the 2018 China Smart Training Equipment Summit of the Smail Conference.

        In 2017, Siboaz timely adjusted its development strategy, actively cooperated and expanded with external parties, and tried to seek more resources, seek common development plans, and achieve win-win cooperation. Up to now, Spoaz has reached cooperation with the Smail Conference, Zhongyu Sports, Cumming, Taizhou Sports Bureau, etc., and will plan future development from the perspective of higher resources, and bring more people sports health and happiness. Started the popularity of "China's No. 1 Intelligent Training Equipment Brand".


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