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Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.26
 With the development of society, law is playing an increasingly important role in business operations, affecting the development of all aspects of enterprises. Yesterday morning, Siboasi held a public lecture on legal knowledge, and a strategic partner, Mr. Guo Yi from Guangdong Pinfeng Law Firm, was invited to be the keynote speaker. Nearly 100 employees attended the lecture.

       "Who does the law protect?" Attorney Guo first used questions to attract the attention of the employees, successfully aroused the interest of the employees, and provided perfect answers to the questions through two short stories. Afterwards, he used extensive quotations, combined with a large number of cases, and explained the legal knowledge closely related to business operations such as intellectual property rights, trade secrets, contract signing and performance. Among them, on contract-related issues, he spoke in particular detail, reminding everyone that when signing a contract, you should review the subject of the contract, review the main terms of the contract, precautions when signing the contract, precautions before and after the performance Grasp the details. At the more than an hour lecture, Mr. Guo gave a wonderful and easy-to-understand lecture, so everyone naturally listened very carefully.

       Spoaz General Manager Wan Houquan said that the lecture was very practical, and it was a lot for both companies and individuals. In the future, the company will hold similar activities from time to time to popularize legal knowledge and enhance the legal protection awareness of enterprises and individuals.

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