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Professor Luo Tailuo, a well-known preschool education expert in China, visited SIBOASI
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.27

 A few days ago, the well-known preschool education expert and professor of East China Normal University, Mr. Luo Tailuo, and Mr. Wang Hu from Yancheng Karuch Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. visited SIBOASI to visit and guide. The general manager of the company, Mr. Wan Houquan, and the deputy general manager of Ms. Zhao Lili received warm reception.

        Professor Luo and Mr. Wang Hu visited the company’s production workshop, football 4.0 intelligent training system venue, smart sports park, product exhibition hall, etc., and also experienced badminton, table tennis, football and other training equipment and football 4.0 intelligent training system. .

        After the visit, the two sides had a cordial discussion and exchange. Mr. Wan briefly introduced the company's development plans and products. Professor Luo spoke highly of SIBOASI's products, especially the football 4.0 intelligent training system. He said he was very pleased to see such a rare innovative product and encouraged SIBOASI to continue to innovate, and in the future to create more sports products with both training and entertainment, to attract children to participate in sports, and let them develop good habits of sports since childhood. , Improve physical fitness, and cultivate a solid reserve force for China's sports industry.

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