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Li Ping, member of the Standing Committee of Shishou City, Hubei Province and Minister of Propaganda, led a team to visit SIBOASI
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.27

    10.14 days, Hubei Shishou Municipal Committee, the main propaganda project Minister, the Secretary of Commerce Bureau, the Bureau of Commerce Director unions, Bureau of Commerce of any Greentown, chairman and line 6 to Sri Lanka Boaz tour guide. The chairman of SIBOASI, Wan Houquan, accompanied by the enthusiastic management staff , explained the product and the practical exercise of training equipment throughout the process.

          At around 15:00 in the afternoon , Li Ping ( Shishou Municipal Standing Committee Member and Minister of Propaganda and the chairman of Greentown Company arrived in SIBOASI, and were warmly welcomed by all of the company. Leaders visited Siboasi ’s production base and technological research and development. center.

       Li Ping (Member of the Standing Committee of the Shishou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Publicity) inspected the team and the chairman of Greentown Company to listen to explanations, watch demonstrations, and experience first-hand, to fully understand SIBOASI's products and plans; then he also experienced the football 4.0 intelligent training system, Smart sports park, smart football training equipment, smart basketball training equipment, smart volleyball training equipment, smart tennis training equipment, smart badminton training equipment, smart table tennis training equipment, smart tug-of-war equipment and other smart equipment; from which I feel that smart sports break the tradition The inherent constraints of sports bring the ultimate black technology experience.

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