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Siboasi injects "technological momentum" into the sports industry
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.27

As the No. 1 brand of smart training equipment in China, Siboasi made its appearances at the Smail Global Promotion Conference in 2017, the "World Internet of Things Expo" in Wuxi, Zhejiang, and the Wuhan International Sporting Goods Expo. It was highly appreciated by the industry and the media. attention.

      Adhere to the "sports + technology" direction: innovation leads development, innovative sports experience

For the entrepreneur who wants to lead the development in the field of intelligent training in China-Chairman Wan Houquan of Siboasi: "Sports + Technology" is the direction of innovation and development that the company has always adhered to for 11 years.

In 2017, Siboasi actively adjusted and upgraded its product structure. In addition to making original products and developing smart training products with a sense of technology, fashion, and entertainment, it also created smart training systems and smart sports parks (Smart Training System). +Equipment overall solution), actively build a perfect smart sports product ecosystem, establish the company's leading position in the field of "intelligent training equipment", and further enhance the core competitiveness of the market.

 Siboasi introduced the development model of "sports + technology" into the sports goods manufacturing industry, and took a new path of intelligent training for ball sports such as tennis, badminton, football, and basketball, and set off an upsurge of intelligent training in China. Promotion is constantly bringing brand new experiences to sports consumers. Wan Houquan told media reporters, "We don't let go of every opportunity to show our brand on a larger scale, so that people in different regions can better understand our brand and sports technology concepts."

Chairman Siboasi Wanhouquan attended the Smail Global Promotion Conference


Siboasi shines at the World Internet of Things Expo


Siboasi shines on the Shanghai Sports Expo


Adhering to the principle of "listening to sports": Committed to sports health and promoting popularization

 Design and produce high-quality, high-performance, and reasonably-priced products, launch stand-alone smart training equipment, online version 4.0 smart training system, and high-end smart sports park project. It is more necessary to listen to the real ideas of athletes up close and make smart training popular. A fashion movement.

        "Through participating in various exhibitions and sponsoring ball sports competitions, we have formed a concept: to make the ball machine more humane, competitive, and popular" Wan Houquan told the media reporter, "We want to let athletes get close to smart training. , To share the fun of ball sports with them, so that the majority of athletes can feel the movement, health and happiness brought by smart training. This has always been our original intention and original intention."

Shanghai Sports Expo Athletes experience the charm and fun of smart sports


Zhejiang Satellite TV "Come on! Champion" Li Na and Jiang Shan confront and challenge Siboasi tennis ball machine


Zhejiang Satellite TV "Come on! Champion" Lin Dan confronts and challenges Sibosi badminton server


Wuhan Sports Expo athletes experience smart training


Guangzhou Yunzhili Tennis Center Athletes experience smart training equipment


Boaz joins hands with famous football clubs to sponsor Shaanxi Zhaojin Red Army School football


       Turn young people into a consumer group: develop commercial value and deploy domestic and foreign markets

       Seizing the consumer demand of the younger generation of athletes will seize the market for smart training in the future. Chairman Wan Houquan said with confidence in the future, “Our next technological innovation is to make smart training equipment more intelligent, so that smart training equipment has the ability to perceive, think, and judge like humans, and make smart equipment a sport for young people. Data interface, tap the potential value of cloud sports data, and finally realize the interconnection and intercommunication of machines and machines, humans and machines, and sportsmen and sportsmen."

       "In the future, the market for China to become a major consumer country is huge. This determines that the sports industry must transform and upgrade, from selling products to selling services." Talking about the future market layout, Chairman Wan Houquan told reporters, "We aim The large and medium-sized cities sports leisure and amusement market, adhere to the market management concept of "sports, joy, affection, leisure", and in the future build a unique theme indoor and outdoor sports park in each large and medium-sized city, integrating leisure, sports, training, and entertainment As an integrated diversified business model, we will make every effort to build a cultural brand of "Di Le Sports".

        At present, Siboasi has reached cooperation with more than 60 countries and regions authoritative sports organizations, brand sports companies, and more than 20 domestic sports industry distribution agents to share resources and seek common development. In the future, Siboasi will plan the overall situation from a higher perspective and lead the development of the industry. With the advancement of the plan for the rise of domestic and foreign markets, Siboaz will also launch the "Leading Brand of China's Intelligent Training Equipment" in the global sports industry, allowing the world to witness the power of "Intelligent Manufacturing in China".


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