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Meng material ∣ 12.18 lets you witness how cool Siboasi is!
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.27


Siboasi will have a special day,
So I can’t wait to tell you!

This day is full

Sweat + extreme + craziness ,

This day is December 18th,

On this day, Siboasi will be full of firepower!


Will make a cool debut on this day

The world's first man-machine battle

Million jackpot

Smart Challenge "Arena"


2018 smail conference

China Intelligent Training Equipment Summit

       As the organizer, Siboaz sincerely invites global smart equipment industry chain companies to participate in the 2018 Smail Conference-China Smart Training Equipment Summit , to talk about friendship, talk about the future, and promote the sustainable development of the sports technology industry!


[Witness together]


Siboasi "Shining Moment"

Smart Sharing New Product Release and Fair

Create the sports industry for the first time

The most powerful "Tech Show"



Strategic partner signing ceremony


Industry win-win

Promote the vigorous development of sports




Go directly to the Spoaz ordering site

Feel the market charm of smart sports equipment



Award ceremony

Siboasi 2017 Million Award

Smart Challenge Challenge Championship announced

Sweat and honor bloom at this moment



Siboasi's brilliant history

The strength of ten years of sharpening a sword


Visit historical and cultural cities

Opium War Museum

my country's Important Opium War Cultural Relics and Historical Materials Exhibition Hall

And patriotism education demonstration base



To thank you for your eleven years of company

I sincerely invite you all to come to the "home"!

Not much to play

Intelligent training equipment for basketball, net and badminton

Not much to eat

Rice with fruit and vegetable drink

Not much to see

Lin Zexu

Not much

Just one million prize

Not much to meet

Just Siboaz-Sports Black Technology

"Not many" like Siboasi

So we need to make friends with you

Let Siboasi get "more"

Do not mind if you "criticize" in your circle of friends

Don't mind telling relatives and friends

If you and your relatives and friends are willing to come

Not far, just in


We are waiting for you in Siboasi!


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