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Siboasi holds an internal meeting on brand strategy
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.27

On the morning of November 8, the internal meeting of Siboasi brand strategy was held in the meeting room on the eighth floor of the company's R&D center. Siboasi chairman Wan Houquan and key managers from the brand planning department and the commerce department participated in the meeting.

Ball smart training equipment


       The conference focused on the strategic planning of the Siboasi brand and the innovative reforms of the four major sectors of "Sboaz Intelligent Training Equipment", "Football 4.0 Training System", "Smart Sports Park" and "Dile APP Sports Community".

Football 4.0 training system


       Chairman Wan Houquan believes that as international competition intensifies and the brand effect is getting higher and higher, 

Siboas must stick to the path of branding strategy development. This is also the way for our company and our brand to go to major markets and The only way to international trade. Regarding the related issues discussed at this meeting, Wan Dong pointed out that the series of issues that he derived must be solved one by one, such as: What is the brand connotation of Siboasi? What is the position of siboasi in the industry? What kind of products do market consumers need from SiboasiHow does Siboasis intelligence manifest? How can Siboasi's "four major sectors" continue to innovate and lead the market? For these problems, Wan Dong hopes to form a systematic and reasonable solution.


Smart Sports Park


        Deng Hua, the director of brand planning, combined Spoaz’s corporate development history, from the perspective of brand marketing and strategic positioning, and pointed out two “image positioning” that Siboasi must summarize and extract: First, Siboasi is a global smart sports The pioneer of sports equipment system, pioneered the concept of intelligent sports equipment system, established three Chinese own brands of sports equipment, and took the lead in creating the four major sectors of intelligent sports equipment; furthermore, Siboasi is a global sports culture A practitioner of Marketing 3.0, for more than ten years, Siboasi has continuously served hundreds of official large-scale events such as the China International Sporting Goods Expo, the Smail Global Sports Industry Conference, the National Paralympic Games, and the Nanjing Asian Youth Conference. It has also become the most influential Chinese brand in smart sports equipment. Director Deng also deeply analyzed the background of the sporting goods industry from the perspective of brand strategy development. He believes that in the era of Internet + and in a society where the sharing economy has become a trend, the sports industry will usher in greater development opportunities. "Sports + science and technology" is the core, keep pace with the times, adhere to the innovation line, and create the "Made in China" of the sports goods industry on the basis of "Made in China".

Dile APP Sports Community


       Finally, Li Weiqiang, director of the Ministry of Commerce, made a simple work report based on several project plans deployed by the company, and said that he would lead the department staff to do the relevant work effectively, effectively improve work efficiency, and ensure the smooth development of various activities.

Siboasi Scientific Research Building


Siboasi production base

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