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Siboasi invites channel merchants nationwide
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.27
      With the advancement of national strategies such as "Healthy China" and National Fitness, my country's sports industry will usher in the "National" era, and the demand for related industries will definitely increase. As an important part of the mass sports industry, sporting goods began to bottom out with the release of the sports industry policy dividend, which also indicates that a new round of nuggets in the sporting goods industry is coming.
      According to the analysis of the "Sporting Goods Industry Report of the Prospective Industry Research Institute": According to the current development momentum, the industry's sales revenue is expected to grow at about 20% from 2016 to 2021, and the sales revenue will reach 454 billion yuan by 2021. With favorable policies and the full release of people's demand for fitness and sports consumption, the development of the sports goods industry will enter a new round of "Golden Decade". In the future, running, football and intelligence will become the three major trends in the development of the sporting goods industry in the future.
       Siboasi has focused on the research and development and production of smart sports equipment for more than ten years. The company has been implementing a channel sales strategy since its establishment in 2006. It currently has more than 100 agents across the country and has established a three-dimensional network in more than 60 countries and regions. Optimized operating system. In order to accelerate the strategic layout of the Chinese market and provide more opportunities for excellent channel dealers to cooperate closely with Siboasi, the company decided to open more cities across the country as channel regions, continue to recruit channel agents, and jointly develop new channel markets!

 who are we?

Siboasi Sporting Goods Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Siboasi) was established in Shenzhen in 2006, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of smart sports equipment. The company has the world's most complete and largest-scale R&D and production base for ball training equipment in Dongguan. It is a world-renowned new and special high-tech sporting goods company.


Siboasi is the pioneer of the global intelligent sports equipment system, and first put forward the concept of intelligent sports equipment system; took the lead in establishing three Chinese own brands of sports equipment (Spoaz, Dick, Dinge); took the lead in creating intelligence Four sections of sports equipment (intelligent ball training equipment, football 4.0 training system, smart sports park, and dile APP sports community).


Siboasi is an important organization member of the World Federation of Ball Training Equipment Research Association. Its series of products take the lead among the world's ball training equipment. It fills a number of technical gaps in the world ball field and has obtained nearly 20 national patent technologies and BVs. /SGS/CE and many other authoritative certifications.


Siboasi's vision is: to become the world's most trusted leading brand of smart sports equipment!

What are we doing?

Spoaz provides the most innovative smart sports equipment to the world. It specially invites senior European industry professionals to design and guide and establish a professional R&D team and production testing workshop. The main R&D and production are: ball training balls, ball training equipment (tennis Trainer, football ball machine, tennis ball machine, badminton ball machine, table tennis ball machine, basketball ball machine, volleyball ball machine, squash ball machine, wallball ball machine), ball training system, racket intelligent stringing machine, ball Training venues, etc.


Spoaz’s corporate mission is: to make people healthier and happier! As the most internationally influential Chinese brand of smart sports equipment, Spoaz is also a practitioner of Global Sports Culture Marketing 3.0, continuously serving the China International Sporting Goods Expo, the Smail Global Sports Industry Conference, the Western China Sports Industry Conference, There are hundreds of official large-scale events such as the Wuhan International Sporting Goods Expo, the National Paralympic Games, and the Nanjing Asian Youth Club, which have made positive contributions to the development of global sports.


With the business philosophy of "integrity-based, professional innovation, and win-win cooperation", Siboaz has established a three-dimensional operation system covering more than 60 countries and regions, relying on innovative high-end technology, high-quality product quality and perfect after-sales service Has won the trust of domestic and foreign customers, and the products are sold worldwide.


Who can become our channel agent?

1. A legal and independent company or individual with a certain amount of capital investment and capital turnover.

2. Obey the management of Siboasi Sporting Goods Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Possess good social resources and can obtain effective support from local functional departments or use their own personal connections to promote effectively in the market.

4. Actively maintain the corporate reputation and brand image of Siboaz.

5. Have a product demonstration and exhibition space that meets the requirements.

6. Be able to be responsible for marketing, product sales, technical support, and installation services in the agent area.


As long as you have dreams, resources, and strength, you are welcome to seize the opportunity to sign up!

Contact number: 13669971528 (Miss Wan)

Spoaz Scientific Research Building


Spoaz production base

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