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Siboasi Football 4.0 Intelligent Training System won the International Industrial Design Award
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.01.27


On November 30th, the 2017 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition came to an end. The football 4.0 intelligent training system independently developed by Siboasi stood out among 4160 entries and won the gold medal in the product group.

(Siboasi Football 4.0 system won the gold medal in the "Product Group" of the International Design Competition)


Industrial design is an innovative model, and the industry is more dynamic due to industrial design. As the country's first large-scale international industrial design competition named after a city and sponsored by the government, the "Dongguan Cup" has attracted the attention of world-renowned designers and companies since its 13th session. The awards of this “Dongguan Cup” International Industrial Design Competition are divided into product group and concept group, including gold award, silver award, bronze award, excellence award and other awards. After 6 months of solicitation, selection and series design of industrial design works At the event, thousands of companies from the United States, South Korea, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and other countries and regions and outstanding Chinese designers from all over the world participated in the competition. Among the 4160 entries in total, 60 entries were selected as finalists.

(Dongguan TV station reported on Siboasi Football 4.0 system)


It is worth noting that the gold medal in the product group and the gold medal in the concept group of this "Dongguan Cup" are the "Football 4.0 Intelligent Training System" independently developed by Siboasi and the work of Mingdu Design Studio from Germany-Rotation Folding Screen. The product design concept of Spoaz "Football 4.0 Intelligent Training System" is to provide system solutions for football trainers. Trainers conduct passing and receiving training on the football field. The system on the field will automatically collect the amount of serve and goals. , Hit rate, training duration and other data; after training, these data will form a trend data package to provide reference for coaches.

(Deputy Secretary-General Chen Qingsong of Dongguan Municipal People's Government presents the award to the representative of Siboasi)


        The judges of this "Dongguan Cup" competition are composed of nearly 50 experts from Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Japan, South Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. After comprehensively scoring the "Football 4.0 Intelligent Training System", the expert judges unanimously agreed that this work is the most advanced intelligent football training system in the world so far. It has a central controller as its core, and has self-programmed programs, teaching aids, data statistics, The five main functions of training monitoring and technical analysis, intelligent perception, intelligent recognition, intelligent calculation, intelligent training, with cutting-edge technology as the soul, creating high added value with intelligence, integrating fitness, entertainment, training, and competition, have completely subverted football The traditional mode of training will surely promote the diversified development of sports formats.

(Vice President Zhao Lili of Siboasi was interviewed by reporters at the award ceremony)


In response to the award-winning works of Siboasi’s "Football 4.0 Intelligent Training System", Liang Youzhao, the chief consultant of the Taiwan Industrial Design Association of China, said that with the development of domestic production technology and the increasing technological content, our product functions not only can basically meet the internationalization Requirements, and creative ability is increasingly prominent. China, which has a deep industrial foundation, is transforming from a manufacturing country to a creative power .


(Football 4.0 intelligent training system, Siboasi's own patented technology)

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