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Humen Wanda "man-machine war", Siboasi smart sports equipment plays the leading role
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.03.17

      With the advancement of national strategies such as "Healthy China" and National Fitness, my country's sports industry will usher in the "National" era, and the demand for related industries will surely increase. Social forces have much to do in providing effective sports events and stimulating sports consumption. In order to respond to the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, follow the trend of sports development, and bring more health and happiness to the people, Siboasi Sporting Goods Technology Co., Ltd. planned and organized a 9-day "National Fitness" Smart'sports' challenge event.

(Humen Wanda Plaza)

(Smart football training equipment)

(Polygon smart football training equipment)

(Smart basketball training equipment)

(Smart badminton training equipment)

        The "National Fitness "Smart" Sports" challenge has the theme of "Ball Love Wanda Plaza". It is hosted by Humen Wanda Plaza, hosted by Siboasi, and co-organized by Guangzhou Baoma, Guangzhou Greentown, and Hunan Youkang. The activity is divided into four challenges: smart football training equipment, polygon smart football training equipment, smart basketball training equipment, and smart badminton training equipment. Ball sports equipment such as football, basketball, badminton, etc., with its unique "intelligent technology" and participants Start the "human-machine war"; each project has 12 challenges in three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced; each challenge level can only be challenged once. If you fail to pass the level or want to challenge a higher level, you can re-queue to challenge.

(Foreign guys enthusiastically participate in the challenge of smart football training equipment)

(Players and polygon intelligent football training equipment are challenged)

(Challenges of players and smart basketball training equipment)

(Competition between players and intelligent badminton training equipment)

        The activity integrates sports, entertainment, and public welfare. The most popular thing is that the activity is pure public welfare and does not charge any fees, and there will be no guided consumption or compulsory consumption; as long as you dare to challenge , You have the opportunity to receive a generous gift from the host Fangsiboaz! Since the launch of the event, it has attracted people's attention immediately, and many people in cities and towns around Humen have also come to participate. The two local mainstream media, Dongguan TV Station and Dongguan Sunshine Net, carried out relevant reports.

(This little red player who is waiting for the competition looks a little anxious)

(Participants are waiting in line)

(Watching "Man-machine War" is also a joy)

        The "National Fitness "Smart" Sports · "Ball" Love Wanda Plaza" challenge will end at 9 pm today (December 7). In addition to receiving daily prizes with daily challenge points, challengers can also participate in the redemption of the total accumulated daily points after the end of today's event. On the day of the end of the game, the total awards were set for the first 58 entries, including cash, insulated water cups, footballs and other prizes, which are redeemed first served, and lasted.


(Reward redemption area)

(Photo of the winners)

(Sub, a local resident of Humen, accepted the media interview)

(Ms. Jin from Nancheng, Dongguan is interviewed by the media)

(Deng Hua, director of brand planning of Siboasi, accepts media interview)

        Looking back at the nine-day "Man-machine War" event, it was the smart sports equipment provided by siboasi that really played the leading role and opened people's eyes. During the event, many professional sports people also specifically called to ask how to popularize this project, popularize these smart equipment, and seek in-depth cooperation with Siboasi. Some people in the media said that this kind of activities that stimulate the participation of social forces and inject more power into the vigorous development of the sports industry and sports consumption should seek the support of the government and the majority of businesses, not only to popularize the activities, but also to Siboasi himself. In other words, it is more important to let people fully understand and understand these smart sports equipment and increase promotion efforts to further promote the popularity of the national brand of siboasi.

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