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Yao Ming came to watch! Sboasi smart basketball equipment shines at the sports industry conference
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.03.17

From January 12th to 13th, the 2018 National Sports Industry Development Conference hosted by the State Sports General Administration was grandly held in Xiamen. More than 500 industry authorities, including leaders of the State General Administration of Sports, leaders of provincial and municipal sports bureaus, and representatives of sports industry organizations, gathered in Ludao to discuss the development of China's sports industry.

During the conference, themed activities for economic and trade negotiation of the sports industry were also held, including the display of work results of the key sports industry, the promotion of sports industry projects, and the signing of key projects for negotiation and signing. Zhao Yong, deputy director of the State General Administration of Sports, joined hands with the China Basketball Association, China Sporting Goods Industry Federation, China Sports Stadium Association and representatives of related sports companies to jointly launch the China Sports Industry Alliance.

 At the sports industry development conference held on the morning of the 13th, Deputy Director Zhao Yong of the General Administration of Sports delivered a speech on the theme of "New Deeds in the New Era", focusing on "We must lead sports with Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and sports ideas. The development of the industry by leaps and bounds, the new situation facing the sports industry, the general goals and overall ideas for the development of the sports industry, the six industrial chains, and the efforts to achieve high-quality development of the sports industry, and the cracking down on the development of the sports industry The bottleneck of the development of the sports industry, creating a good environment for the development of the sports industry", "sports departments must earnestly undertake the mission of developing the sports industry" and other six aspects.

Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, gave a keynote speech on the topic of "Cohesion of Social Forces and Promotion of Basketball Development". In his speech, Yao Ming said that the new Chinese Basketball Association is actively promoting the development of various causes of Chinese basketball, including: actively completing the "de-administrative" role function transformation and association construction; in-depth implementation of many national basketball teams at all levels. Deployment; strive to promote the self-improvement of professional leagues such as CBA, WCBA, and NBL; participate in the preparations for the 2019 Men's Basketball World Cup; vigorously lead the mass basketball, small basketball, youth basketball, three-on-three basketball and other activities; actively develop Various international diplomacy and foreign cooperation. At the same time, Yao Ming also introduced the future work ideas of the Chinese Basketball Association.

As a senior corporate representative of the sports industry organization, Chairman Wan Houquan of Siboasi Sports Technology Co., Ltd. also specially came from Dongguan to participate in this sports industry development conference. During the sports industry economic and trade negotiation theme event, Chairman Wan Houquan introduced three new smart products of Siboasi to industry leaders and representatives of the industry: Football 4.0 smart training system, smart sports park, and Dile APP sports community. At the same time, Chairman Wan Houquan expressed his willingness to establish strategic cooperation with peers and elites from all walks of life to seek a win-win situation. He hoped that Siboasi would grasp the favorable policies and the opportunities of the times, continue to deepen the corporate reform and development strategy, and join hands with the majority of partners. Keep pace with the times, cooperate and win-win, and promote the diversified and normal development of sports.

Siboasi also launched a smart basketball equipment at the product experience site, which aroused great interest from the experiencers. This equipment is mainly used to practice shooting posture, ball-holding techniques, two-point shots, three-point shots, in-place shots, sports shots, hollow shots, etc.; it can automatically serve the ball and score intelligently; it can be set to any fixed point or multiple points. Frequency: According to personal hobbies or habits, adjust and control the intensity and speed of basketball equipment. Chairman Yao Ming came to the scene to observe Siboasi's intelligent basketball equipment, and the experience was very popular!

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