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Chairman Li Hui of Shandong Binzhou Football Association led a team to inspect Siboasi
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.03.22

Chairman Li Hui of Shandong Binzhou Football Association led a team to inspect Siboasi


      On the morning of January 20th, Chairman Li Hui of the Shandong Binzhou Football Association and a group of four people visited Siboasi Sporting Goods Technology Company for inspection. The chairman of Siboasi Wanhouquan and the senior management enthusiastically accompanied him.

        During the period, Chairman Li Hui and his party visited Siboasi Technology R&D Center, production base and Smart Sports Park successively.

      Under the explanation and demonstration by the Spoaz staff, a group of four people also experienced the football 4.0 smart training system, smart basketball training equipment, smart volleyball training equipment, smart tennis training equipment, smart badminton training equipment, and smart table tennis training. Intelligent sports equipment such as equipment, intelligent tug-of-war equipment.

        Chairman Li Hui said: After visiting the production workshop of Siboasi, I felt very shocked by the experience of Siboasi products. The intelligent features of these smart sports equipment are very prominent, and they are quite interesting and entertaining. It reflects their technological leadership; more importantly, the practicability of these products far exceeds one's imagination, which is of great significance to boost the diversified development of sports formats.

        After the visit and experience, the two sides also had a cordial discussion and exchange. At the meeting, the chairman of Siboasi Wanhouquan gave a brief introduction to the four major sections of the company's products: "Intelligent Ball Training Equipment", "Football 4.0 Training System", "Smart Sports Park" and "Dile APP Sports Community" , Vice President Zhao Lili gave a key explanation on the "National Intelligent Sports Park" project. Chairman Li Hui once again gave high recognition to Siboasi products, and the two parties had an in-depth exchange on the cooperation of the "National Intelligent Sports Park" project and the further promotion of the project in Binzhou City. Chairman Wan Houquan stated that he must carefully listen to the opinions of the Binzhou Municipal Government and the Sports Bureau, and cooperate vigorously to build the “National Intelligent Sports Park” project in Binzhou into a national benchmark model market. This is not only for responding to the country’s The sports development policy plays a positive role as an example, and can further create a good atmosphere for national fitness, leading the overall development of Binzhou's urban and rural sports and even the whole country.

Chairman Li Hui (right) presents the book "Riding Traces of Life" to Chairman Wan Houquan

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