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Siboasi appeared in the 3rd Youth Sports Carnival, smart outfit
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.03.22

       Siboasi appeared in the 3rd Youth Sports Carnival, and the human-computer interaction of intelligent equipment attracted attention

       From March 31st to April 1st, the two-day "National Youth'Future Star' Sunshine Sports Conference and the 3rd Guangdong Youth Sports Carnival" event was grandly held. It is reported that this event set up two venues, of which the home stadium is set up in the Provincial People's Stadium; the water branch venue is set up in Panyu Yiqiao Island.

       The 3rd Youth Sports Carnival of Guangdong Province will carry out activities on the content of youth sports competitions, technology, culture, and interaction. At the home court of the Provincial People’s Stadium, there were more than a dozen interesting events such as the Taekwondo e-sports competition, the traditional lion dance open, the martial arts open, and the basketball man invites you to play basketball.

       In the human-computer interaction project of sports intelligent equipment, the "Intelligent Foot Basket Feather Training Equipment Challenge" brought by Siboasi Corporation attracted many children to experience it and received widespread media attention.

(Children experience the Spoaz smart badminton equipment accompanied by their parents)


(Children challenge Siboasi smart badminton equipment)


(Children are experiencing Siboasi smart basketball equipment)


(Several teenagers challenge the Siboasi Professional Edition smart basketball machine)


(Children are experiencing Siboasi football practice net)


(Children are challenging Siboasi's smart football equipment)


(Little football fan is heroic)


       It is understood that Siboasi is a world-renowned new and special high-tech sporting goods company. The company has the most comprehensive and largest-scale R&D and production base for ball training equipment in the world in Dongguan. Its products cover football, basketball, volleyball, and nets. There are more than a dozen categories such as, badminton, table tennis and smart sports field.

       As a "frequent visitor" of the Guangdong Youth Sports Carnival, Siboasi actively participates in related activities every year. This is not only to allow young people to fully experience the new sports fun through smart products, but also from corporate social responsibility. From a perspective, we call on all sectors of society to pay attention to youth public welfare activities.

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