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Siboasi was selected as a list of technology companies
Writer:admin Reading volume: time:2021.04.10

     Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the third batch of Guangdong Province's 2018 list of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises to be included in the database, and Siboasi Sporting Goods Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected.

      Some people wondered, as the pioneer of the global smart sports equipment system and the most internationally influential Chinese brand in smart sports equipment, why has Siboaz not been selected as a technology-based enterprise until now? Yes, it is indeed a bit late to be selected into the list of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province, but the "lateness" is only related to the early or late reporting time of the enterprise, isn't it?



       In order to let more people know about Siboasi’s company, the editor only lists its three advantages. With these “three points” alone, we must also praise Spoaz a lot!

       One is the hard power of R&D and production. Siboasi has been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of intelligent sports equipment for 12 years. The company has the most comprehensive and largest R&D and production base of ball training equipment in the world in Dongguan. Siboasi has a domestic and foreign R&D team composed of nearly 30 industry experts, owns its own brand and independent core patents, and its products fill a number of technical gaps in the world of ball games. Siboasi is an important member of the "World League Ball Training Equipment Scientific Research Association", and has obtained "EU Safety Certification", "National Patent Certificate", "Supplier Evaluation Certification", "Farid International Quality Certification", and "Product General Notarization" There are more than 10 authoritative qualification certifications.

      Second, the product speaks with technology Siboasi took the lead in proposing the concept of an intelligent sports equipment system; it was the first to establish three Chinese own brands of sports equipment (Siboasi, Dick, Dinge); it was the first to create four segments of intelligent sports equipment (intelligent training for balls) Equipment, football 4.0 training system, smart sports park, dile APP sports community). Intelligent sports products mainly include: ball training balls, ball training equipment (tennis trainer, football ball machine, tennis ball machine, badminton ball machine, table tennis ball machine, basketball ball machine, volleyball ball machine, squash ball machine) , Squash ball machine), ball training system, racket intelligent stringing machine, ball training field, etc. Among them, badminton ball machines, tennis ball machines, tennis trainers, football intelligent training systems and other products were recognized as "Guangdong Province high-tech products"; football 4.0 intelligent training system won the "2017 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition" "Gold Award in the product category.

(Spoaz badminton ball machine)

(Spoaz tennis ball machine)

(Dick Tennis Trainer owned by Spoaz)


(Spoaz Football 4.0 Intelligent Training System)


       Third, it has great cultural marketing power Siboasi's corporate mission is: to make people healthier and happier! As the most internationally influential Chinese brand of smart sports equipment, Siboasi is also a practitioner of Global Sports Culture Marketing 3.0, and continuously serves the China International Sporting Goods Expo, the SMAF Global Sports Industry Conference, the Western China Sports Industry Conference, There are hundreds of official large-scale events such as the Wuhan International Sporting Goods Expo, the National Paralympic Games, and the Nanjing Asian Youth Club, which have made positive contributions to the development of global sports.

      Based on the above three points alone, are we going to praise the company and brand of Spoaz?

      Of course, the editor still has to add one point at the end: Siboasi has established a three-dimensional operation system covering more than 60 countries and regions with the business philosophy of "integrity-based, professional innovation, and win-win cooperation", relying on innovative high-end technology , High-quality product quality and perfect after-sales service have won the trust of customers at home and abroad, and the products are sold globally!

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